The Original Wellness Activists

I feel like most of the food-related articles I read this summer were about the end of the ‘wellness trend’.  And it makes sense – from calls to drink apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning, to viral panic over reducing inflammation in the body – it’s understandable why people are questioning whether the wellness movement of the 21st century has done anything but make people feel more insecure and inadequate with their food and lifestyle choices than ever before.  But wellness, as a state of being, existed way before £7 green juices.  Reading the beautiful introduction to the 1975 cookbook Vegetarian Gothic put this all into perspective for me and reminded me of why I first googled “plant based diet” a few years ago.  And yes, I am very aware that what you’re about to read is the most hippy dippy text you’ll come across this month, but it is pure magic, so put any eye rolls you may be feeling rising aside and take it all in.

“Walking down a country road with the honeysuckle kid, falling in love, with the earth.  Picking blackberries, breathing in deep and feeling oh, so high.  Remembering that we know so little and have so far to go.  Reading about how preservatives and stabilisers and colourings do nasty things to the only body we’ve got right now.  Hearing about natural food and a finer way to eat.  Finding all those things the earth will give us if we learn how to wait, and to listen.  Eating for our hearts, not our bodies.  Hanging around, waiting for Nirvana, wondering what it’s all about.

In a little blue house, in a small town, there’s the kitchen of Krishna and the place where this book began.  which of course is not true, because all things began many moons ago; but there was a start, in a sense.  The recipes in this book came from our hearts and from our restaurant.  We’ve made them for gift but you can make them for one or two or many.  As lang as you fill them with love, they’re sure to be good.

There are many beliefs that we follow when we cook and that are reflected in this book.  Many we feel you should eat when you’re hungry, feast when you’re joyful, fast to get high and sing of love all the time.  Have compassion for all being and don’t kill to fill your stomach.  Be mindful of the plants you eat and eat only what is necessary for joyful maintenance.

If you don’t like to cook, eat salads.  Raw food is beautiful and vitamin packed.  In this book we hope to present a variety of menus that combine both raw and cooked food.  Take your pick, it all depends on what you life.  We hope you like what you read and like it even more when you make it.  Most of there ecipes in this book will feed six to eight people unless they say otherwise or unless you’re super hungry.  The recipes are the basics, experiment and make your own.

May the good light within you guide your way on”.


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