Slow Living: An Introduction

Welcome to the Slow Living section of The Seasonal Journal.  This space is dedicated to my thoughts on slow living in a fast city, keeping the same head space and rhythm as when I was living five minutes from the sea in Copenhagen, and finding a balance between easing my mind and being in a constant flow of creativity and inspiration. 

Slow living, as a lifestyle, emphasises a slower approach to all aspects of everyday life: eating, resting, working, and thinking alike. Quite simply, living. It officially emerged in the Italian “Slow Food” movement of the 1980s, as a reaction to fast food and the chaotic pace of life which was steadily emerging in the globalised world. But long before it had an official name, ‘slow living’ was just simply living – living each day consciously, mindfully (for lack of less of a buzzword) and with intention. Being born into this globalised world means that fast-paced is mostly our default pace – we strive to have busy and successful jobs and schedules – but our ability to be so up to date and ‘connected’ all the time, means it’s extremely easy be disconnected – with ourselves and our loved ones – without even realising it.

Now, I know we can’t all move away from cities, grow our own food, take each day as it comes, and just live. And many of us don’t want to. In terms of creativity, I love living in hectic city like London, where inspiration and ideas flow at an incredible pace. Living in a fast city doesn’t mean we have to give up the idea of slow living at all however, and that’s exactly what this section of The Seasonal Journal is for. This space will harbour all of my thoughts surrounding slow living in a fast city, how I manage to keep the same head space and rhythm in London as when I was living just a five minute walk from the sea in Copenhagen, and how I find a mental balance between slowing down and being in a creative flow.

May something you read over here help you find a little balance where it’s missing in your life, and may it help you connect with your food, home, loved ones, and most importantly, yourself, a little bit more.

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