Ladies that Launch (and Lunch)

One hot June day, I was invited to a rooftop brunch hosted by Madara Freimane.  There was great food, a great atmosphere, a great layout, but most of all, some really incredible, creative, industry-changing women.  I spent that week thinking about all of the ladies I am surrounded by, both physically and virtually, that are making a real difference in the world one day at a time.  Here are just a few of them, in case you needed some Monday inspiration.

Here are six ladies who inspire me day in and day out.  There will be many more of these two come as it was very hard to stop at six.  Keep your eyes open and you’ll hopefully see some of these creative ladies in the In Conversation With series as the year goes on.

Clara Montobbio: Everyone I meet has probably heard me talk about Ella Grace Denton’s supper club which introduced me to some of the coolest people I know.  Clara and I met over a year ago there and became tied at the hip within minutes.  She runs the sustainable brand Conscious Tee, which makes ethical and environmentally friendly organic cotton t shirts.  Follow her and her company here.

Rocio Graves: Rocio is my daily reminder that less is more and that the earth gives us all that we need to strive and heal, as well as being my go-to source of inspiration to live slowly.  I am yet to meet this calming soul as she lives in Mallorca, but I know the earth will work it’s magic at some point in the near future.  Head over to her Instagram and blog Let it Be Cosy, and if you’re lucky enough to live close by, Rocio hosts monthly cosy gatherings that are on my bucket list.

Sarah Britton: The ray of sunshine that brightened my year in Copenhagen.  Sarah is the creator of My New Roots, the blog that has kept me inspired and in love with plants since I discovered it in 2014.  Her energy and creativity are contagious, and I can confidently say my life has been enriched by working with and knowing such a kind and talented presence for a year.  It’s a long shot that you haven’t read her blog already, but in case that you’re new to the world of food blogs, head on over and get inspired.

Madara Freimane: Madara, or as I like to refer to her as, my sustainable fashion guardian angel, is one of the forces changing the future of sustainable fashion.  There is little this girl can’t do, and her content, commitment and approach to managing her platform and social media has been a constant source of inspiration since I met her (at Ella’s supper club, of course).  Get to know Madara in the first episode of the In Conversation With series.

Anna Kerin: Ceramicist, artist and founder of Kana London.  Anna’s approach to both pottery and living is as beautiful as it is inspiring.  Follow her on Instagram, and get ready for her episode of In Conversation With which is up next month.

Laura Thomas: The best discovery I made this summer was Laura Thomas’ podcast, Don’t Salt My Game and her intuitive eating program, where she helps “people figure out their issues with food, sort through confusing diet advice, and help people feel really, REALLY good”.  A much needed breath of fresh air in the wellness and food industry.  Follow her here and listen to one of her podcasts here.